Project Space finished!

Yay! Project space is over! Such a stressful day. The discussion was really good after, though I got a bit flustered. Once the discussion was finished, Graznia (sp?) told me about John Baldessari, an artist she found who does a game quite similar to the "pie rule". The piece is called "Choosing: A Game for Two Players".

Got an email off Glen saying he enjoyed the discussion after viewing my project space. I think that the
discussion was really productive, and I just need to hone my ideas and continue to evolve to make things more congruent. I think that there was a bit of a "bits and pieces" feel to it... And I think my next projects won't be quite so confused, since hearing the critiques of the people around me.
I think the monoprints should have

something more to them, though what more that is is hard to figure out... I'm hoping the etching induction I'll do with Jane at the start of November will help me feel more comfortable and confident in the printmaking shop, and

bring more finished ideas to fold. Am really excited to get in to the "Us and Them" project, and was thinking that collecting people and doing a non-masked run-through of the game might be best to get the ball rolling.