cove park

Off to Cove Park on monday! Yes! Am bringing with the books:

So You Think You're Human
Edgar Tolson and the Genesis of 20th Century Folk Art
George Melies : the birth of the auteur

Should be good, lots of productive work to be done! I also have done the first edition of the rules for "Us & Them" so that I can distribute them to everyone at Cove Park who will play, so it's easier to jump into the game straight off.
Here's a photo of it....
Thought that orange would be a real campfire-ish colour. Don't know if I'll stick with that, I'd like to do a really slick, screen printed cover once it's been revised and edited, etc. I think that not only is it good to distribute these to go over the efficiency of the game structure, but also to have a bunch of people look over it and notice any errors.
Also while at Cove Park I'd like to do some drawing, I've packed along oil pastels, and colored pencils and etc. and would like to finish that roller-coaster girl that I started, and also to do some drawings for future game ideas and etc. I think that doing some sketching will help pull together the mono-printing ideas etc.
Last night I went to my friend Kitty Jones's opening at Leith School of Art, and it was really great to see.
I find that we both like immediate artwork, and, as Kitty says in her website statement: "with materials that are unpredictable or uncontrollable"
She had a wonderful statement for the show which included drawings and monotypes of various weathercocks that she has seen all over Edinburgh. She worked in collaboration with a poet-friend of hers and was inspired at seeing the rooftops of this city which she has previously taken for granted. I was really interested in her monotypes because they seemed really innocent, and whimsical, but also "crafted" very precisely... I think that more practice may get me there with my own monoprints. Which brought me to the question:
What is the difference between a monotype and a monoprint?
Here is an informative source of info on that question:
So I also figure that I'm not actually doing monoprints, but more monotypes, and also that mine are trace monotype.
Here's a source of info on that definition:
Anyway, so I want to do some drawings at Cove Park for research to turn into trace monotypes when I get back.
I also checked out the film Don't Look Now to watch this weekend. Will get to the tomorrow I think (Sunday) and post up here about what I thought. Ronald Binnie, who is in my studio, suggested that I see this because it reminded him somehow about the feel of my work.
Anyway, so more soon! x kit