10 Minute Studio Crit

We've just had our 10-minute studio crits. I found mine to be very useful, as Daniella and Eilleen both did not see the relationship or importance of the animal masks in collaboration with the game of Us & Them. I found really positive feedback about the idea of "deep knowledge" or totemic knowledge from information when humans were more integrated into animal culture. I think I need to focus on this idea right now, with the finger puppets.
I need to make a set so that I can begin to experiment with my animals. I want to have it so you can get access to the stage from below and behind, but so that the stage is elevated off the ground. so i can both sit behind the stage and be concealed by it: so I can see what I'm doing but be disguised by set pieces.
Glen recommended a book on this deep, animal knowledge still present in humans, called Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan, and Eilleen recommended Angela Carter's The Magic Toyshop. I've just bought Dragons of Eden on Abe Books, because they don't have it in the ECA Library.
Today I also looked into the idea that "miniaturisation allows for cerebral control" that I remember hearing off of Jamie about a month ago... he read it in Charles Jencks book Heteropolis. I typed this into Google and found a woman named Susan Stewart who wrote a book entitled On Longing: Narratives of the Miniature, the Gigantic, the Souvenir, the Collection. I found an excerpt of this writing online which quoted:
The miniature allows for the compression of history onto an easily sentimentalised body, which is positioned as innocent while being invoked as a symbolic reference to past cultures.
This I find very relevant to the finger puppets I've been using, and I'm quite excited to have a look at this book which I've put on request from ECA as it's currently check out.