A great hiatus

Have been swamped with Pecha Kucha stuff and reading in the library. Have looked at Laurie Simmons, Elizabeth Messager, a book called The Art of the Puppet by Bill Baird, Homo Ludens by J. Huizinga, and much much more. Since looking into the puppetry idea and also looking at a show synopsis from The Puppet Show which was on view at the ICA in the States, I have gotten less interested in the puppets acting, per se, and more interested in installtions featuring the puppets. we'll see.

Something about the animals speaking as well, makes it strange, the gaze puts them into an anthropomorphic setting when they have a human voice, and I think that conflicts with the works I consider zoomorphic that I'm more interested in, i.e. Sam Easterson and his Museum of Animal Perspectives. So I think playing around with they're forms and what they will DO will help put them into an appropriate zoomorphic vs. anthropomorphic place.
I met with Liz last Thursday and we had a good chat about my feeling cornered by the theory, and unable to make anything... we were both feeling a bit overwhelmed due to external circumstances, so it was good to have a chill chat. She suggested I look at Keith Tyson and also mentioned "the hidden reverse" which is a theory where your positive involvement in something subversively morphs into negative involvement. It seems difficult to describe just now, so I'll be looking into that theory.
That's all for now, lots to do in the next week!