Term 2

Well. after a long break I'm back at it, did quite a lot of work over assessment weeks, doing Photo Etchings, which I will post up here soon. I need to work on the printing, I've had some places in the print wiping out or drying... not sure what the deal is... I spoke to Brian in printmaking today and he suggested letting the paper soak for longer. I may also switch back to the small press, because I think it gets better tension... or I may ask one of the techs to tighten that press again.

I've also been working on doing casts of my hands for holding the hand puppets, with much help from John in the cast room. I bought alginate to do this, and poured plaster into the mold... had a bit of trouble, getting the plaster into the tips of my folded fingers, but I think I've worked out how to fix that... all in all a really successful test-run though. Am buying more alginate from Tiranti this evening. A photo of the new worm hand puppet and the first cast hand is above.

I also did a visual mock-up of how the puppets might look on long columns for arms for the sculpture show proposal due at the end of this week (also below).

I've been once again fixated on Patricia Piccinini her work is SO amazing, a group of new work is on her site. She must've updated over the holidaze.

More soon.

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