New Work

The past month I've been trying different things out for the puppets. The main goal was to achieve an exhibition method for these figures that validated their creation and the theoretical content of Deleuze and Guattari. I experimented first with the casting and wax arms, which I conferenced with other students in my studio about and decided this was a bit gimmick-y, as well as being a medium I was struggling greatly with. The next idea I had involved making the puppets robotic, so that they would look like they were struggling with their own figures. (See photo above of worm- robotic parts reflected) I bought a couple of robotics kits for their battery-operated motors. Then I disassembled these kits and retrofitted my puppets with these parts. I think that this looks cool... BUT it draws them back into the "toy" area. This I was deliberately attempting to avoid.

So I scrapped those ideas. And, after reading some books on museology and also an article by Steve Baker in the book Representing Animals I came to the conclusion that maybe creating museum cases for these specimens was the answer. I made a quick sketch of what I wanted for three of the figures and then took this to Max in the wood workshop.

After SEVERAL trips to B&Q for wood filler, molding strips, varnish- I have two of the three finished! (See photos above with wood cases) I'll finish the third tomorrow. I also am waiting for the engraved cards I have orders to affix to the front of these cases. The cards say "Rhizome Specimens" which is a direct reference to Deleuze and Guattari's rhizome philosophy as is detail in their work A Thousand Plateaus. I am quite confident in these new displays and in what context they place the work. I will receive feedback on this final attempt during the Edinburgh College of Art Sculpture Court MFA show which opens next Tuesday, March 16th from 6-9 pm. If you, reader, can make it- that'd be fantastic!