Beach Crap and Mosquito

So I've been working on a new photoshop image for a while. I'm using appropriated photographs from the internet of varying image qualities. It is interesting to me layering crappy images over high resolution high integrity photographs. I think that layering these differing qualities of pictures speaks to the evolution of photography-- the recent accessibility to the masses, the connection to an abstract idea of 'truth', the use of the photograph in the news media, portraiture, etc. This image is built so it will cover three A0 sheets lengthwise, creating a wide panoramic. If you mentally divide this image into three you'll get an idea of how the print will be composed. I envision the prints to be bleed prints mounted as a triptych.

I've also been working on a new sculptural item, a giant mosquito. I've been wanting to try out using chicken wire, plaster tape, and pure plaster to create new sculptures and this is my first attempt in progress. I plan to photograph the finished sculpture and use its image as part of the collages. I'd like to make 5 mosquitos of similar proportions for my upcoming solo show at Patriothall in Stockbridge next spring.

Thanks for visiting, should be updating more regularly as term starts Sept. 22!