wizzing wheels

  Have been trying to work in super-drive, am currently working on the beach, post post-apocalypse print. last week I printed a better version on the single colour central print of three. I printed it in darker in, and also I adjusted the bitmap for more contrast so that the stencil would blow out more evenly. I'm feeling the groove of screen printing again, the first time I'd been back this term I felt a bit shaking and stressed out down there. this printing day was a lot more relaxed. I've decided to shift away from the single color print of this piece to a 4 colour process, as I've used before. i figured out how to use the filter colour halftone (which creates a more chunky and indistinct print) in a four colour process way. below is a sample of what it should look like printed best on a Photoshop rendering. this is the first (furthest left) image of the three.

beach, post post-apocalypse


I've also been hammering away at what is going on with my sculptures, and how to integrate them and what material I should use- which is all a very discovery based mess! last week i created a rat figure out of chicken wire, paper mache, rabbit skin glue + plaster, and acrylic paint. I'm pretty happy with how this looks, but not sure how to implement this with the prints, and how this will look all together... so I'm sitting on this process for a bit and exploring some other options.

last week Kenny showed me the work of Francis Upritchard who works in FIMO clay and a variety of other media. we talked about my potentially working in FIMO and also about objectify-ing art and how much I wanted to do that sort of thing... also discussed a surface that smaller work could exist on, and how I wanted to handle that... Kenny also recommended that I read Gunter Grass's The Rat which is a fiction book he thought I'd be interested in.

Did some research this weekend and was looking at cold porcelain process. I like that it's a make-it-yourself process, which would work well with needing large quantities, budget-wise. in addition, it has a bit more delicate look than FIMO.

I've been thinking about returning to the museum cases, only focusing on the idea of the specimen escaping a space in which it has become objectified, so instead of sealing the sculptures in, having them escaping through broken glass. Also thinking about more contemporary looking museum cases and displays in which to put aforementioned action in contemporary context.

so that's what's on right now, I'm working in printmaking this week on the above print and also making cold porcelain this afternoon to begin experimenting with.

x kit