My project space is now complete! Shandra and I finished installing around 1 pm on Friday. We were aiming to have it complete at that point so we could set the sound of our corresponding sound pieces so they didn't obstruct each other. Postcard image (front & back) from the show:

I thought the crit went well, most comments were things that I was prepared for, and that I understood were elements of the work... such as that the piece was more of a construction than a happening (which is obvious because it's a fictitious happening) and that the materials used in the plinths were fake feeling, since it was plywood. The point of my construction was to revisit a piece I had made last year and to embrace the flaws in it and represent it. Shandra and I worked around the theme of time (specifically framed as immortality in the start) her work addressed heritage and mine future time.

I spoke to Augustus after the crit about the sound installed and we were talking about how to make it more evident that it was the cicadas that created the broken museum artifacts, that in their escape they broke the objects containing them. We discussed a more rattling sound within the specimen case, which I agreed with, since the sound I had used was merely the steady call of a cicada, which is (to me) a very relaxing, summer night sort of drone. I think that this change in the sound alone could have greatly strengthened the piece.

Sound file from project space:


Neil mentioned to me Nicholas Oddy's work to me. He is a professor at Glasgow School of Art who creates faked artwork objects. I'm having a hard time finding information on his work online, and ECA library doesn't have any books on him, so this will take a bit of research.

So I'm relieved to have that project finished and think it was a productive step forward with my work. I think I have a new area to explore in museology through fake-ery which could embrace humour in a way my work wasn't before. I'm excited about this, as I have been feeling deterred by museology because it seemed quite stuffy and separate from my personality.

Will post pictures up soon from the Project Space, need to get them from John McGregor and also photograph a bit myself tomorrow before we uninstall.

x Kit