studio envy

am feeling the major call of printmaking however with no studio space for at least another month...

trying to keep track of ideas during this slow studio period between two countries: - charles avery at GOMA part of British Art show 7 -- not this image

but similar in style, obviously -- a bit of a market scene, handicapped man on tricycle, chef's cap a list of items to include on the left (wish I'd snapped a disapproved photo of this one in the gallery)

I imagine this loose drawing style working alongside my photo-collages... looking forward to implementing the drawing pad I got in may. want to work in some fills of plain colour alongside CMYK process -- as in gold drop - in ( upon the suggestion of John Schulz whom I met in Belgium at the frans masereel centre )

- also still quite interested in the phenomenon of the slender loris -- disgusting as it is - in addition there's still something in peculiar potions -- not sure what to do with this yet - humane society MN 2 for 1 cat sale for $50, selling cats like day-old bread... - idea = a print of an animal market in a ballardian street-scene, buy your pet by the pound like at Diggers goodwill in MN... ? really want to loosen the prints up from the strict photographic formula they've attained so far, as well as juxtapose the large-dot non-rosette bitmap elements against the hyper-realist photolitho rosette.

in time...

excellent day > sunshine, allotment veg-bbq with kittie & paul featuring the edible tulip = nasturtium, coffee/tea convo = interesting, wandering with rosie off broughton st.