Upcoming Exhibitions

This spring I am preparing to re-mount the Reaching Backward, Reaching Forward exhibit from BLCA this past January under a new moniker: DOUBLE BACK: Tracing Histories of the Red River Ox-Cart Trail.  These works will be on view at the Waseca Art Center in Waseca, MN from May 30 - July 14, 2017. Facebook event here.

In July, I will travel to Algoma, WI to participate in an artist in residence at The Jabberwock. Works from this period will be refined after the residency for later performance and exhibition in October of 2017. This residency will be a collaborative endeavor with St. Paul based playwright and dramaturg, Megan Clark. Our piece is currently in development; it is a road-story focused on morbid curiousity, from serial killers to garbage pail kids.

It is our hope that the Jabberwock project will serve as a springboard to a longer piece for exhibition in The Heart of the Beast Puppetlab during March 2018. Our application for this Jerome foundation intiative is still under consideration and will be announced on July 10th. Fingers crossed!

* As an (unrelated) extension of my collaboration with the Jabberwock, I will also remount and exhibit the Double Back series in their gallery from Aug. 4 - Sept. 3 of 2017.