Project Space Images

On Nov. 12th I had a collaborative exhibition of one work each with Shandra Lamaute. Below are images of our works installed.

Photos by John MacGregor / ECA

My works are the museum cases and cicadas. Shandra's work is the raw wool braid. Both of our pieces incorporated sound. Mine used the repetitive drone of cicadas, Shandra's work had the sound of herself and her daughter talking.

Project Space week

Ugh, so I'm already falling lax on the blogging deal! I think it's just because I'm SWAMPED right now. Friday was my culture map presentation and that went well, more discussed further below.

So since writing last, I've decided to make wee maquettes (?) or little figures for my project space, instead of using the mask people, mostly due to the lack of space in that tiny room. and I'm quite happy with them. I made them by piling cardboard together for a rough 3d/2d paper doll thingy and now i'm doing the heads. I also will do a performance, where I make pies, and then two at a time viewers will come in and be given the opportunity to slice the pies "fairly" between themselves... drawing attention to the pie rule.
Neil suggested that I not include the figures or any drawings in the project space. I think that I will anyway, figuring that it is a project space, an area to learn from, and that I would like feedback on these things I produced specifically for the event-- even if they seem superfluous, I am hoping they communicate the social hierarchy between humans and animals, and also connect with some sort of morality play. I was reading So You Think You're Human and it was discussing that anthropomorphism is used in fables to make the learning of morals more digestible... whether this is because it removes humans from the mistake made, or because we elevate ourselves above humans, or because we see ourselves as one with these animals, and all of our societies learn from morals... I am interested in this dialogue created and rather than directing a "correct" way to live, I want my viewer to consider their position.
I think that as Neil mentioned, it may turn into a mini-exhibition... but all of the work IS around the idea of the "pie rule" and it was all created within the week alloted. So, I think if it is a mini-exhibition I will learn from it nevertheless.
I have been looking at this book Automata by Rosemary Hill. It's all a collection of moving sculptures, some of them very sophisticated and some of them not so much.
I also just ordered A Book of Surrealist Games with John Beagles had in one of our lectures, as well as a book he recommended: Art History: Key Terms because I have such a hard time identifying movements and understanding their definitions as well as time line, I hope this book will be an extremely useful tool.
So mostly I've been at the grindstone non-stop, but am looking forward to Tuesday's passing and getting well into some reading- as well as continuing the "Us and Them" / Werewolf type game project. Think I'll go along to glasgow for the horror show opening on Halloween- am excited to see the Olaf Breuning there and read the Beagles thing.
Liz recommended this week:
Georg Melies Trip to the Moon
Assume Vivid Astro Focus - artists associated with John Connelly Presents
Neil recommended during the culture map presentation:

Homo Ludens by Johan Huizinga
Becoming Animal
The Post Modern Animal
Robert Raushenburg's Open Score

Henry Coombs- Glaswegian artist