This morning I did some research on alternative games to use in a performance piece, as I will not be able to finish enough costumes in time to be able to do the werewolf, "Us and Them" piece. Today I went online and did some research on Twixt, a game that I used to play with my dad growing up.

It is a strategy game where you try and get pegs strategically placed on the board so that you get a running wall of bridges between your opponent and your side of the board. To win you must build an unbroken chain of bridges from your side to your opponents side of the board.

I was already familiar with Twixt, as I've played it before, but I was hoping to find alternate games to this, that might be more fun to create goofy, oversized boards and pieces for.... I didn't really find anything. I like that this game isn't as widely distributed as chess, because I think the reference with chess is too obvious. I could make an improvisation of this game where I used ribbons for bridges instead of plastic bars, and I could use dowel rods for the pieces... it may be pretty cool. I think that I may want to build this apart from the masks though, so I'm not sure where this will lead. I like though, that this is a game that sets up themes of domination and strategy and mental prowess for "world" domination where the world is the board.

I also found an interesting theory when I was reading about TwiXt game strategy, called the pie rule. Where when sharing a slice of pie with someone, one of you cuts it, and then the other chooses the piece they want, to keep it fair between people... I think I will look into this further! really cool, one of those things that comes naturally and you hardly even think of.

Pie rule:

From research on Twixt I got into looking at playground games, and found a whole slew of yard games that might be cool to toy with once the costumes are all finished. I found that a link on wikipedia referencing:

Tag (game)

... very useful-- it brought back old memories of feeling left out when not liberated from prison during Capture the Flag! It seems most of these games have a structure to them that have very adult themes. My favorite that I might use in my work is "What's the Time, Mr. Wolf" ...nothing like some good old wolf terror propaganda!

I also found a really sweet playground drawing from Stakes Hill Infant School, which you can see here:

totally sweet.

Anyway, so then I came into college and pulled together some studio work. I decided to put something into the sculpture court show that's been an ongoing and evolving exhibition. I just put up three masks and a sort of advertisement poster for the future of "Us and Them" which is a revision of games like "Mafia" and "Werewolf" that I have written up, but I'm sure needs some amount of editing.

I found a piece of red string on the ground outside college where there was a work site and picked this up to hang the masks with.

A couple of nights ago, Jamie and I watched Hitchcock's Rear Window. We were fascinated! We've both been on a Hitchcock kick and have Rope checked out just now. I found Rear Window to be really fascinating, all the shots through people's curtains, around things, spying... such a beautiful film. I believed that Lars Thorwald was innocent straight up until he has crossed the room at the very end of the film and begins to wrestle Jeffries (Jimmy Stewart) from his wheelchair. WHOA!

IMDB link to Rear Window:

Last night Jamie and I had a conversation about my project space, I think I'm probably making him nuts, havering on about it, but I can't help it. I am trying to get a real handle on what it is exactly I want my work to say to people, and so I wrote up a short thing about it to ponder over and edit over time. I've written it out below.

Most societies in the currently accepted group “Animalia” experience an abandon of play as they focus their interests for survival and “success”. A social hierarchy becomes evident in these groups at maturity- alienating and ousting certain members for the greater good. 
My work does not serve to preach or reveal the “truth”. I do not want to say, “this is good” or “this is evil”. Rather, I hope to draw attention to these social nuances that create friction between us all: human, animal, beast. If it is in our nature to progress the group through indifference will you participate? Can we return to the innocence of youth? Can we play again?

So that's that, I'll just have to toss it around for a while I think and further restrict and expand it. I need to begin work on my cult map, and I think that writing this out will help a bit. Now just organizing the perfect images...

Last time I spoke with Neil he told me it may help to simplify my ideas down to a set of words and then create a flowing circle of them...

This weekend I will start reading So You Think You're Human by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto which Neil recommended.

For now I will go and read up on the cult map.

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